Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Road Trip

I know a lot about the Midwest. It is so interesting with fun facts all over! In the Midwest there tons and tons of good farming ground everywhere. It also has lots of cool places to visit like Chicago, Mount Rushmore, and a bunch of national parks.

Do you know why the Midwest has awesome farming ground? It is because thousands of years ago huge glaciers melted into the soil and made it good farming ground. The Midwest people are happy to live here because they have good spots to farm their crops and make a living. This is also how people have good trading posts. The Midwest has a good place for buissnesses because there are the great lakes there and people use boats to bring cargo to the places that need it.  They also made continental railroads that went all over the U.S. These trains also helped them bring their items around.

What I want to know is how did people think of making all these transportation devices to make their lives easier? I wonder how the badlands in South Dakota were formed. And how was it even possible to make a living in the Midwest when people had nothing but sod houses and somehow they turned it in to the great city Chicago and other cool cities in the Midwest!

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  1. I liked how you gave a lot of your background knowledge in your journal! Also, just a F.Y.I this is how you spell "business". ~~~ Joshua

  2. Wow, Alek. I am extremely impressed with your journal! You have managed to show a lot of great background knowledge while still communicating all of what you have learned so far as well as things you want to learn!

    You also showed some great insights by making inferences on why the waterways are important. I'm going to show this off next week!

    Mr. F.

  3. Alek, this journal is amazing!!! You wrote so much! Fyi, this is how you spell "business" no offense! ttyl ~~*~~$)Kenna


  4. alek your jornal was very interisting lets say and it taught me new important facts I love how much you wrote ok ttyl-katie

  5. Alek, your journal was awesome. You had a lot of interesting facts in your journal and it was very entertaining.-Raphy :)

  6. You know a lot of facts! Cool!

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