Wednesday, May 25, 2011


   Hi! I'm continueing the trip around the country. I am about to go to the Northeast. The last region on my list.

   I want to find out lots of facts like ," What is the purpose for the Statue of liberty? What does it symbolize? Are there any important landforms that anyone relies on? Are there any important resources coming from that specific area?" I am wondering a lot and hoping that I will find out all my answers and some more cool facts.

I do know that the White house is there and lots of historical landmarks such as of course as I mentioned before ,"The Statue of Liberty."I know that the biggest city in the country is New York which is in the state New York.I can't wait to see and find out all these amazing facts about this region. Write back soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going to the Southeast

   Hi, I am in Oklahoma city about to continue my trip around the country. My next stop is in the Southeast region.

    I can't wait to learn all about the Southeast like all of its resources that the whole entire country relies on. I want to know what they produce there and why don't they farm in a different place? I think that these questions are going to be answered  very soon. What I already know is that the country relies on the Southeast for alot of there needs like food,material,and of course water from the Mississippi river.

   Is the Southeast the biggest resource area in the country or is there a bigger one? What makes it so good farming there in the Southeast? Will it ever be worse or better conditions for farming? I just can't wait till I get there. See you later!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starting in the Southwest!

    Hi! I'm going to the Southwest to find out all the amazing facts that are there. But first I want to find out some things in the area.

     Like: why does it only have 4 states in it? Is it hugely populated? Does it have any good resources that the people rely on? All I know about it is that it has the great Grand Canyon. It is the biggest canyon in the world! Part of the region is boardered by Mexico. I wonder if the whole country even relies on the resources in the Southwest? Are there any main attractions in the region that brings everyone there besides the Grand  Canyon?

    I want to find out how people lived and how their culture was celebrated. I have been to the Southwest before and I visited The Grand Canyon. I hiked all around , even a mile down. It was kind of unsafe since there were no rails to hang on to. I saw that there were tons of cool off terrain places that werevery cool. I saw a bunch of cougar tracks on the ground and discovered that 2 out of 3 people meet a cougar on the trails... but, they wouldn't hurt you if you let them be. Overall I just can't wait for all these exciting facts!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

continuing in the west!

   This week I chose to go to Cascade Canyon. I chose to go here because whenever I heard someone talking about the west, it was about its land forms! So I chose a landform and it was Cascade Canyon.

   I would definately go back to the canyon because of its beautiful, scenic, views. Also because of the hiking on Teton peak (which is 13,370 feet high). There is also a good big source of water called Jenny lake. It is in the valley of the main peaks. The boat tours there is a good business because people go there to hike but when they here about the boat tours....they can't resist!
   I would recomend going to the Gold Rush site in California because it is a main part of history in the West. It gave a lot of important facts of why people "rushed" there. It also gave us facts of why California became a state. I would also like to visit Las Vegas. I would like to visit because I heard of that it was a HUGE attraction site and it was in the middle of nowhere and around it was just a desert! Catch ya later!