Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starting in the Southwest!

    Hi! I'm going to the Southwest to find out all the amazing facts that are there. But first I want to find out some things in the area.

     Like: why does it only have 4 states in it? Is it hugely populated? Does it have any good resources that the people rely on? All I know about it is that it has the great Grand Canyon. It is the biggest canyon in the world! Part of the region is boardered by Mexico. I wonder if the whole country even relies on the resources in the Southwest? Are there any main attractions in the region that brings everyone there besides the Grand  Canyon?

    I want to find out how people lived and how their culture was celebrated. I have been to the Southwest before and I visited The Grand Canyon. I hiked all around , even a mile down. It was kind of unsafe since there were no rails to hang on to. I saw that there were tons of cool off terrain places that werevery cool. I saw a bunch of cougar tracks on the ground and discovered that 2 out of 3 people meet a cougar on the trails... but, they wouldn't hurt you if you let them be. Overall I just can't wait for all these exciting facts!

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