Sunday, May 1, 2011

continuing in the west!

   This week I chose to go to Cascade Canyon. I chose to go here because whenever I heard someone talking about the west, it was about its land forms! So I chose a landform and it was Cascade Canyon.

   I would definately go back to the canyon because of its beautiful, scenic, views. Also because of the hiking on Teton peak (which is 13,370 feet high). There is also a good big source of water called Jenny lake. It is in the valley of the main peaks. The boat tours there is a good business because people go there to hike but when they here about the boat tours....they can't resist!
   I would recomend going to the Gold Rush site in California because it is a main part of history in the West. It gave a lot of important facts of why people "rushed" there. It also gave us facts of why California became a state. I would also like to visit Las Vegas. I would like to visit because I heard of that it was a HUGE attraction site and it was in the middle of nowhere and around it was just a desert! Catch ya later!

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  1. How big is Jenny Lake? Like your choices. BYE!!!!