Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going to the West!

I am in Mount Rushmore South Dakota and I am about to start my road trip in the West. I'm so excited to see all the views and here all the interesting facts!

I wonder if the farming is as good in the West as it was in the Midwest. Do people have the same source of food?Will the landscape be flat like a prairie like in the Midwest or will it be rocky mountains everywhere? First I think I will visit California to check out the famous jail were Alcapone was once in. It is called... Alcatraz. I hope I don't stay there for a life sentence!

I'm looking forward to meeting all the places in the West. maybe I can meet some "geeks" [you know what I mean] that can tell me all about the technology in the West and why they picked the West for the tech place. looking forward to continue my trip!



  1. I'm in Mount Rushmore too! You know so much about the west. Keep up the good work!-Danbie

  2. Hey Alek,

    If you are looking for tech places, check out Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA, or LucasFilm, Inc. in San Francisco, CA. Both are very technological. Plus, I've been there, so I can give you some assistance if need be.

    Señor France