Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week I went to the famous Fort Dearborn. I chose to go to Fort Dearborn because it has an interesting history with the Native Americans and the Americans fighting for their land.

  I would really recomend going there because it is cool to learn all the facts about the Americans settling in the Midwest to make other lives better and to make it safe to live. It is also interesting because when I was there, people were dressed as Native Americans and told us how they lived in the wild. I would recomend going to Mount Rushmore, since it has beautiful sights.Of course I would also recomend going to Fort, since it has very interesting.

 I would want to go to the Mississippi river, the great lakes, and Niagra Falls. I would like to go to all these places because Niagra Falls has splendid sights,the Mississippi river is cool because it is one of the longest river in the world and second longest in the U.S.A. I picked the great lakes because of what I heard it is one of the biggest bodies of water that actually is fresh.

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